Medical Alert SystemsWe’ve all seen the commercials about someone falling and not being able to stand again (but said in a different, trademarked way).  But, do you realize that there are a lot of companies that offer medical alert systems that are just as powerful, not as expensive, or are better suited for your needs?  Of course, that product could be perfect for you!  I’d like to take the opportunity to research and review those others that you may or may not be aware of.

Applications of Medical Alert Systems

First off, medical alert systems have many applications.  These may be things that we think about and think we’re immune to.  They may also be things that we have not yet considered.  All in all, my goal is to shed some new light on these amazing pieces of technology and make you feel at ease with your possible purchasing decision.

Falling while Alone

The most obvious use is falling while alone and not being able to get to a phone.  I think this is made obvious due to that ever-so-popular commercial.  However, this isn’t a real concern for many people (though it is still a valid concern).  The truth is, most of us have cell phones now and are less concerned.  I am a firm believer in protecting against this because of something that happened to someone very close to me.

Unable to StandShe was walking down the stairs preparing for a trip.  She was carrying a little more than she needed to and fell down the stairs.  I can imagine the sound of the screams that filled the house as a bone in her arm was now exposed to the air–her strong arm.  She had lots of trouble standing and was losing blood.  She did manage to get up and call to our house (we were the closest trusted people around), but only after almost completely passing out.  No one was around (well, her huge dog was…but I don’t think he even considered coming to her aid).  Luckily, she was able to get up eventually and make it to the phone.  She was flown to a trauma center and is still alive today.  If she had a medical alert system, she could have been even safer by simply pressing a button.

Chronic Conditions

Sudden Medical EpisodeDo you have a condition that can have sudden, unexpected symptoms?  This may be another reason to look into some sort of medical alert system.  Another person close to me suffers from lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and a few other things.  Sometimes she gets dizzy spells, or sudden times when she struggles breathing.  Her husband tries to be close by on her bad days, but this isn’t always possible.  If she were to need medical attention, a medical alert device would help her get the help she needs as quickly as possible.

Other People’s Conditions

Maybe the one person in your house that can benefit from a medical alert system is really set against it.  Another application would be for a full-time caregiver.  If your loved one goes into an episode that needs medical attention, you can press the button and then work on securing the area to prevent further damage/harm to your loved one.  Maybe your husband can’t stand the idea of having a medical alert device.  You, as the wife, and have one just for this type of situation.

That other person can also be a neighbor or visitor to your house, even.  Most of the alert devices have a decent enough range to work outside or at the next house (depending on the spacing of your houses).  Waterproof devices could work well for houses that have swimming pools or hot tubs.

The Future of this Section

This section of the website will be ever-expanding and dedicated to things that people recommend, why they recommend them, and how to go about purchasing those items you feel the most comfortable with.

Also, feel free to leave comments below.  What types of systems have you heard about?  What is important to you in a medical alert system?

First review:  LifeStation and Bay Alarm Medical