Shower with Norwex
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Norwex! Maybe you’ve heard of this company, but maybe you haven’t. I’ll tell you what I know about the company, but first let me tell you the reason for this journey.

Sick Household

To put it simply, my wife has been sick and out of work for years now. Between her RA, fibromyalgia, and lupus, she is in bed most days. My step-daughter has asthma and started having some breathing issues lately. The more I read and listen, the more I hear how different chemicals and foods can contribute to such diseases and conditions. We decided to start making some changes. We’re eating a lot more green vegetables, buying some (not a lot yet) organic foods, and staying away from certain foods.

But foods aren’t the only things affecting our bodies. At times, the fumes from cleaning the bathroom, oven, or even the floors can send one of us into a coughing fit, or at least irritate breathing for a while. Some soaps and lotions really start getting to me when used in close spaces. There just have to be other things out there to help us feel less sick and irritated.

The Introduction

In August, my family visited some good friends of ours. We try to make it out there a couple times per year. It’s great fun and we talk about just about everything. We help each other with purchases and trust each others’ judgments. I helped the husband of the couple with a decision on purchasing a computer network component while the wife talked to my Cathy about some of the things they use for household cleaning. They got onto the topic of showering (of all things) and talked about how they don’t use soap. They don’t use soap!

Now, there’s something to be said about this family doing that. They keep everything pretty clean. Hygiene is  something that is very important to them. The other thing to consider is that they are also very skeptical on things. The husband, in particular, won’t make any purchase without thorough research and consideration. So this shocked me, to say the least. I didn’t get into a lot of that conversation, but Cathy was certainly interested.

The Next Step

We decided to give it a try. We wanted to start small with cleaning our bodies. We found a Norwex consultant and placed our first order. What we ordered were the 3-pack body cloths. Supposedly, you are able to wash your entire body with one cloth without using soap. Each cloth has this “BacLock” technology built into it that inhibits the spread of bacteria. I remember hearing something about silver and microfiber.

We receive our order pretty quickly. I have to say, I was pretty excited. This could be a start to changing out a lot of our every-day items with safer alternatives. When we opened the package, all have to say is, “WOW!” The cloths were SOFT! Think about the softest stuffed animal you’ve held and picture a body cloth made of that material. Immediately, I got on the site and did more research. There’s a lot to it, but I’ll tell you the highlights.

The microfiber is 1/200th the size of one of the hairs on my head. That’s right, it would take 200 of them to equal the thickness of one of my hairs. That’s tiny! This is a true innovation. It is capable of holding up to 7 times its weight and doesn’t spread the dirt around. It guards against odors from mold, bacteria, and fungus without soap. It also can simply be rung out after use and left to dry…and be reused again in 24 hours. If what they say is true, this is truly amazing! You can look at what they say about their microfiber here.

The Actual Trial

Showering Without SoapOkay, stay with me here. I decided that if I was going to really test this, I REALLY wanted to test it. So, I decided to go a couple of days without showering. I slept under three blankets and waited till the last possible minute to give this a shot. I don’t like to go this long without a shower or take showers without soap, but here was my chance to prove product wrong!

I soft cloth and wet it. It felt amazing! Then I proceeded to wash. At the end of the shower, my odors were gone…and there were no odors on the cloth. Seriously, no odors! My skin felt great and clean. I have to say, this thing worked! The other two worked just as well. I can see where this is actually going to save us money each month. We won’t need to use expensive soap and we will also cut down some on our laundry loads. Of course, they will need to be washed, but you don’t have to worry about bacteria spreading on the cloth because of the BacLock technology.

What We Did Next

We immediately got on the Norwex website and started looking at everything else they offer. We will be making lots of purchases there. There’s a kitchen cloth that can clean up all protein from a chicken juice spill…with just water! I want to order the Envirocloth and do an actual protein swab test myself. They have floor cleaning products, laundry products, makeup removal cloths (not that need it, but maybe you will), and tons of other things that could benefit all families.

What we really did is took a leap next. If you clicked any of the links above, you may realize that my wife is now a consultant. We now believe in the products so much, that we want to help you get them. The only thing I’ve tested thus far was the body cloth. I’ll let you know what I find!

Your Thoughts

Can something like Norwex help make your house healthier? Have you used it? What other products have you used to make your house safer? Please leave comments below!

Next up: A Testimonial. How Norwex personally turned a life around.