Hi everyone. I’m doing more research into this Norwex stuff. I gotta tell you, I love what I’m finding out! I think everyone should be exposed to the awesomeness that is Norwex.

In my previous write-up, I talked about my friends who introduced my wife and me to Norwex. I said that they were skeptical, but now live by the products that Norwex has to offer. I got her to tell her story in a little more detail. I was surprised about what I found out.

Her Testimonial

Where she came from

I’m so happy you guys like it! Norwex seriously changed my life. I was struggling with a skin condition that was not only aesthetically awful, but also painful. I would have severe break-outs and nothing would help. My face and my hands up to my wrists were sunburn-red and painful. I’m allergic to many acne treatments as well, so often, the treatment was worse than the cure. My hands got so bad, they were bleeding. And I had resigned myself to living with a permanent blush (on good days) and a pizza complexion (on flare-up days).

Shower without SoapI have been researching what could be wrong with my skin for a long time. It started out pretty mild. I mean, I’ve always gotten a zit here or there, and as a redhead, I’m prone to blushing/sunburn. At first, I just thought it was sunburn. But year after year, through all seasons, I would have it. A lot of stress entered my life within the last several years, and that’s when it went crazy. People were constantly commenting on my red face.

My skin felt like it was on fire. I would have some red, but normal days, and then it would flare up. I’d get a lacy, itchy, burning pimply rash all over that would, in a couple days, turn into those large, hard, painful almost boils. But Norwex completely cleared it up. Until this summer, when I used sunscreen. Another flare-up that took a month to clear up…

But that was the key to figuring out what the problem is. It’s a skin condition linked to rosacea and allergic dermatitis. I found out exactly what was causing it…the chemicals. And they are in almost every soap brand, most sunscreens, shampoos, conditioners…you name it.

Her initial trial

Clean Without ChemicalsWhen we started using Melaleuca hair products, I noticed a slight improvement, and now I know why. Their stuff is sulfate-free. That’s one of the big offenders. But there are two others that were in my soap and sunscreen. I found an organic, baby sunscreen that is free of the offending things. And Norwex fixed the soap issue. But a friend convinced me to try the Norwex body cloths. I dived in full-force…no soap, no face cleaner, no lotion…just water and the cloths. What did I have to lose? By day three, I saw skin I hadn’t seen for many years. I had forgotten what I looked like. The red was gone, the pain was gone… My hands cleared up. My acne was gone. And my skin felt soft and moisturized. It’s been about 6 months, I guess, now? I have thrown away all our soap/body wash. All of my family now uses only water and the body cloths. Between Melaleuca, Norwex, and baby organics, I think I’ve got this thing kicked to the curb.

Her Norwex life expanded

We also recently purchased the towels as well, and they were amazing for our camping trip. They dry so fast and don’t smell. Around the same time that I purchased the body cloth, I also purchased the EnviroCloth and the glass/window cloth. These have really improved my life as well. I struggle with allergies and many mystery illnesses that I’m still only scratching the surface of.

Now on to the house

To be able to clean my house without chemicals and scents has just been amazing. Cleaners have always been an issue for me, so much that I can no longer walk down the cleaning aisle at the grocery store. The smells immediately affect my respiratory system. But with the EnviroCloth, I have no reactions while cleaning. Not only this, but cleaning is so fast now! I don’t have to carry around 20 different bottles. I don’t have to switch out cloths. My kids love to help me clean now, too, and I don’t have to worry about how chemicals might affect them.

The money saver?

The added benefit of buying Norwex is that it’s now saving me money. I don’t have to buy soap, body wash, bathroom or kitchen cleaners, glass cleaner, face wash, acne treatments, concealer…I don’t have as many trips to the doctor…and it’s majorly cut down on my paper towel use. My only regret is that I didn’t look into it the first time I was told about it. But I’m always skeptical of things that sound too good to be true. In this case, it was absolutely true, however. <3

Your turn!

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