I remember when I was living in a different part of the country, there was a mental health institution that had a slogan, “If you don’t get help from [company], please, get help somewhere.” I believe that’s what I try to convey here. My intent is not to “sell” you something, but, rather, to show value and offer suggestions and guidance in your search for things in life. However, this post is a little more personal, as it highlights why I am in this business to start with.

Falling Head Over Heels

Head Over HeelsWell, this, if you are looking into romance or dating, is a great condition to seek! However, if your health or balance is not well, this is far from where any of us want to be. In the last year, I’ve had three people very close to me fall multiple times with varying damages and results. One almost lost complete function of her arm. One lead to ankle replacement surgery. And one ended up with enough bruises that you would think she was tattooed.

There’s no magic pill or policy that will stop this, but without certain things, life can be so much tougher. One very close to me has fallen 7 times in 7 days. This led to sleepless nights, doctor appointments, hospital visits, lab work, and overall soreness. Luckily, someone was there in the house with her. But had she been alone, she was too weak to function enough to even get to a phone to call someone. Of course, no one plans for this. No one plans for houses to catch fire, either, but we still insure against it.

This person happened to have Medicare, so we know going in what most of the costs are going to be. NOTHING can replace a human being’s life, but there are things we can subscribe to, purchase, or do to help ease these situations that may be inevitable in some situations.  You don’t have to get it from me, but, please, get it somewhere.

Sudden Passing

I was just sitting at my local pet store talking with one of my friends there one day recently. I often stop in just to say “hi” and talk about whatever. It’s good intelligent conversation and I tend to learn a little bit more of what’s going on around town. This time, as a patron came into the store, I heard a very familiar name. When I heard the reason the name was spoken, I was in shock–he had passed away in his sleep. This dear man was loved throughout the town, very active in his church, and an accomplished dentist in town.

Why was I shocked? He was a very healthy, young man. I could believe it if someone said he played tennis daily and/or jogged for exercise. He seemed to be in great shape! But no one is immune to this. Just like my late wife passing away suddenly at age 30, it is often unexpected.

I found out another man last week passed away. Like the dentist above, he was very well-known and loved throughout the town. He was a bit older and in poorer shape. But, he loved people and loved music. I was teaching him recorder for a while because he wanted to be able to play songs for himself. He had mentioned the possibility of purchasing life insurance but never got around to it. I didn’t push him because I don’t want him to get something in MY time frame.

But, now that he’s gone, I’m kicking myself for not impressing upon him that important step! He would have needed a guaranteed issue policy, but that’s easy to solve. Are you, yourself thinking about it?  How much are your loved ones going to have to pay if you don’t act soon enough? When will it no longer be soon enough? You don’t have to get it from me, but, please, get it somewhere.

The Happier Side of Things

There are a lot of things to be thankful for. You never know how much time you have on this earth to live, or even how much longer you will have full function of your body. A fall can change even that quality of life you’re used to. If you have a bucket list, are you aiming for those goals? If you don’t, why don’t you?! If you are a senior, what are you doing as a hobby. What family members are you enjoying? Who could you reach out to more? Who’s birthdays are coming up that need gifts? If there were 5 things you would regret not doing if you all of a sudden had to stay home for 6 months, what would they be?

These are not only the enjoyable parts of all of our lives. Doing things that we love and passing the time as if it is our last day can be very healthy for us. We should be counting the days we have spent rather than trying to figure out how many days we have left! Celebrate life. Celebrate all things around you while you still have your whole ability to do that. Kick those heels up over your head and do a cartwheel (maybe seek doctor recommendation first, though :)).  All in all, insurance isn’t meant to be a downer, but rather help protect what you have worked so hard to earn and maintain–including your family. Get that piece of mind and enjoy life!


I encourage each of you to let me know what your bucket list items are, and what you would love to see done in your life. What other thoughts do you have?  Please leave comments below!


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